Morocco, land of opportunity

Strategically located less than three hours from the main European cities, Morocco is one of the most dynamic countries on the African continent.
Morocco offers several advantages to foreign companies looking to invest, starting with a pleasant living environment and the deeply-rooted multicultural dimension in the country, particularly in the northern region.

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A rich and varied heritage

Renowned for its rich and diverse geography, contrasting climate and various traditions, the Kingdom of Morocco is the most western part of North Africa. The country is bordered by Algeria to the east, Mauritania to the south, the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the northeast. Thanks to its “Gateway to Africa” location, Morocco has always maintained a privileged relationship with Europe and its neighboring countries.

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For over a decade, Morocco has launched large-scale projects to raise its infrastructure to international standards. Concerning telecommunications, the sector meets the international standards and has developed intensively and continuously. Morocco is a pioneer in numerous areas in North Africa and the Arab world.

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Foreign Trade Agreement

Thanks to various free trade agreements, Morocco is at the crossroads of major international trade routes, linking the United States, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Morocco offers investors free access to a market of over 60 countries, representing more than a billion consumers and 60% of global GDP.