Tanger Automotive City
500 Ha to date

2 km from the Renault Tanger Med plant

Dedicated to the automotive industry

Launched under the National Pact of Industrial Emergence, the Industrial Platform of Tanger Automotive City (TAC) is part of the deployment of a Moroccan offer for the activities associated to the “world Métiers of Morocco,” specifically for the automotive industry. 

TAC will host industrial activities of the first, second and third categories, as well as logistics and service activities. The Allotment will be completed in several phases; the first consists of a total area of 80 ha. The Integrated Industrial Platform of Tanger Automotive City consists of two areas with different statuses: 

– Free zone 

– Non Free zone 

TAC is developed over a total area of 500 Ha, to date; mainly dedicated to the automotive sector of activity through comprehensive and fully integrated cluster setup (Equipment manufacturers, Logistics operators, subcontractors, and services associated with the industry). 

Tanger Automotive City offers dedicated infrastructure set up to address the need of the major automotive companies. It’s the ideal location to serve the need of Renault Tanger Med (Located in less than 2,5 Km) and other major OEM’s within the Mediterranean region. 

TAC SA mission is the development, promotion and maintenance of the integrated industrial platform by ensuring the installation of traffic lanes, street lights, water system, electricity, sanitation, and telecommunication network. Moreover, TAC SA is also responsible for managing water supply, security and safety, and animating the commercial hub of the one stop shop.



Renault Nissan

300 HA


Renault Tanger Med is the largest car plant in Africa. Launched in 2012, the total area of the dedicated free zone is 300 Ha. 

On June 2017, the platform celebrated the export from Tanger Med Port of the one million vehicle manufactured in its Moroccan factories in Tangiers and Casablanca.



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