Before Set-up :


Tanger Med Zones put at the disposal of its clients a team of experts and dedicated technicians before installation. They support investors to make a sound decision by:

  • Sharing data and information for a global overview ;
  • Providing insights on the different zones within the Tanger Med Industrial Platform ;
  • Providing advice and guidance on the best set-up model to follow (land purchase, standard or built-to-suite warehouse location) ;
  • Conducting a price simulation based on the specifications of your business ;
  • Setting up contact with potential suppliers and clients ;
  • Facilitating communication by playing an intermediary between investors and local administrations.

During Set-up :

Tanger Med Zones offers flexible investment options adapted to investors’ needs:

  • A Land sale offer (under a plug-and-play model), with all necessary utilities and road work, etc ;
  • Warehouse rentals (standard or built-to-suite) delivered within 6 months ;
  • Ready to use offices.

For easy and efficient installation, Tanger Med Zones’s One-Stop-Shop offers an easy-to-use platform encompassing all administrative and technical processes. This includes:

  • Introducing and following up on installation projects with the local commission for approval ;
  • Streamlining administrative procedures, from Set-up Authorization, Construction Permits, and Business Licenses;
  • Offering connections and networking opportunities to introduce you to local suppliers and potential partners.

After set-up :

Tanger Med provides a range of services that accommodate each investor’s needs within its industrial parks. From public lighting to security and sanitation, Tanger Med fully ensures comfort and convenience, making the platform a true home for each corporation.

Road Management

Waste Management

Water and Electricity Management

Fiber Optic Network Management

Green Spaces Management

Security Service

Sanitation Network Management

Consulting Service

Consult our Tariff Booklet for more details on our services and related fees: