Developed over an area of 300 ha and located within the Tanger Med Industrial Platform, this free zone, inaugurated in 2012, is dedicated to the Renault Nissan Alliance for the development of the first production center in Northern Morocco.

The plant is dedicated to the production of the Lodgy and Dokker, Dokker Van, Sandero, and Sandero Stepway models. From stamping to assembly, including sheet metal work and painting, the plant effectively meets local and international demand for mid-range car models.

With almost 45,000 vehicles sold, Renault accounts for more than 37% of the local market. This makes of  Morocco the tenth-largest market in the world for Renault and the largest in the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

On the other hand, its cumulative annual production capacity has set a record for the past decade, surpassing a volume of 2 150 000 vehicles produced.

Locally recruited employees are trained at the Institut de Formation des Métiers de l’Industrie Automobile (IFMIA) inaugurated in 2012, where 6500 employees have already been trained.


Bodywork-assembly, logistic platform, chassis and sub assembly


6 244 employees


Plant with zero emission, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RHP label (High Protection Risk)

Main products

Lodgy, Sandero 3, Dokker, Logan 2 MCV, Renault Express

Production 2020

Sandero 2
+95 383
+26 937
Sandero 3
+173 649
+72 062
Logan 2 MCV
+6 769
Renault Express
+72 448

  • Tangier 21 Km - 31 min
  • Rabat 264 Km - 2h45min
  • Casablanca 350 Km - 3h40min

  • Tanger Med Port 36 Km - 34 min
  • Casablanca Port 351 Km - 3h49min

  • Tanger Aiport 29 Km - 36 min
  • Casablanca Airport 378 Km - 3h58min