• A legal framework and assistance measures highly favorable to investors ;
  • Competitive labor and workforce ;
  • A strategic location, between Europe and sub-Saharan Africa ;
  • Robust infrastructure ;
  • A young, well-trained, and educated population ;
  • Political stability encouraged by the popularity of the King, Mohammed VI .

The Moroccan government actively encourages foreign investments. The "Investment Charter" of 1995 is the main legal source for FDIs. This charter mainly provides company exemptions for VAT and corporate tax for 5 years under certain conditions. In the industrial sector, the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014-2020 aimed at establishing “ecosystems” that integrate value chains and supplier relationships between large companies and SMEs; and the government announced a new Acceleration Plan for the period 2021-2025.

Activities authorized but not limited to:

  • Automotive industry ;
  • Aeronautics industry ;
  • Energy industry ;
  • Textile industry ;
  • Metallurgical, Mechanical, Electric, Electronic industry ;
  • Plastics industry ;
  • Agri-business industry ;
  • Chemical and para-chemical industry ;
  • Construction materials industry ;
  • Logistics ;
  • Services related to the industry .

Are also authorized other activities or services compatibles with the stipulations of the decree of creation of the zone.

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Our offer for manufacturing, logistics & services companies:

For sale


  • Equipped industrial lands for permanent sale, starting from 5000 sqm ;
  • Possibility of turn-key delivery of the constructed warehouse.

Lands are for sale within the free zone, but also around it. The latter are subject to the law of the Moroccan territory (non-free zone).

For rent

  • READY-TO-USE WAREHOUSES: Equipped with last generation infrastructure ;
  • BUILT-TO-SUIT WAREHOUSES: Built under customer specifications and needs and delivered in a short period of notice.

Warehouses and showrooms are for rent are within the free zone, but also around it. The latter are subject to the law of the Moroccan territory (non-free zone).

  • 40 Km from Tanger Med Port Complex, itself operated by the same group: Tanger Med ;
  • High land connectivity via highways and railroads ;
  • Proximity to airports ;
  • A large HR pool (proximity to universities) ;
  • Growing business environment ;
  • Geographical proximity to a highly connected and diversified ecosystem .

The main advantage of the industrial parks managed by Tanger Med Zones is the one-stop-shop, that centralizes all setup procedures.

This setup process is totally fully digitized and accessible through the Port Community System.

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– Corporate Tax:

  • 0-5 years = 0% ;
  • 6-26 years= 15% .

From year 27, the corporate tax varies according to the Moroccan subject territory fiscal regulations.

– Value Added Tax: Lifetime 0% ;

– Customs Tax:

  • Lifetime 0% custom duties ;
  • On both imported and exported goods .

– Registration fees and stamp duty on capital operation:

  • 0% ;
  • Acts of incorporation, capital increase, and acquisitions of land for implementation of the investments are exempted from stamp and registration fees .

Once the operator starts its activity, Tanger Med Zones is fully committed to offer a wide panel of services from its one-stop shop to its exploitation services and more (security, sanitation, water & electricity network, digitizing all imports & exports processes, etc.).


  • Application form ;
  • Project presentation to the Regional Investment Commission .


  • Set up of the legal entity ;
  • Signature of sales/lease contract .


  • Construction permit ;
  • Operating license .


  • Launch of the activity ;
  • Start Of Production (SOP) .

The Regional Investment Commission (CRUI), chaired by the Wilaya (prefecture of the region), counts representatives of local administrations, taxes and customs, Anapec, foreign exchange office, CGEM, civil protection, local authority, and Tanger Med Zones.

Tanger Med Zones oversees the pre-instruction of the file and presentation to the commission.

The Commission considers four levels of evaluation:

Urbanism: the architect must provide a certificate of conformity according to the special prescriptions of the terms of reference (height, coefficient of use of the floor, land use, etc).

Structure: the investor must contract an approved study office regarding the stability studies of the building structure and deliver a certificate of conformity.

Safety and Security: the investor must contract a study office regarding the deliverance of the Safety Notice, approved by the Civil Protection during the Commission.

Environmental impact: as Tanger Med has always been committed to the environment’s protection, the investor must provide a certificate that supports that the project has no negative impact on climate.

All these documents are mandatory to obtain the construction permit.

  • Project presentation ;
  • Copy of the negative certificate of the name of the company to be established; (Copy of “Negative Certificate”) ;
  • Copy of ID or passport of the shareholders ;
  • Application fees .

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The investor can start production the day after receiving the certificate of conformity (operating permit), provided by the Tanger Med Zones one-stop shop.

  • Standard warehouse: 3 years / 6 years / 9 years, renewable ;
  • Built-to-suit warehouse: 10 years minimum .

All installations in the warehouses meet high-standard world regulations and vary according to the customer’s requirements:

– Height ;

– Number of logistic docks ;

– Number of sectional doors ;

– Following gears:

  • Electrical equipment ;
  • Plumbing equipment ;
  • Compressed air ;
  • Chilled water ;
  • Air conditioning ;
  • Ventilation ;
  • Overhead cranes ;
  • Fire safety equipment ;
  • Sprinkles, etc.

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There are technical regulations for the construction of factories in free zones, and it differs according to the specifications of each zone.

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Yes, Tanger Med Zones offers ready-to-use warehouses equipped with the last generation infrastructure.

Tanger Med completes its offer and provides its partners with a dedicated utility branch “Tanger Med Utilities” in charge of water and electricity distribution, liquid, solid waste management, public lighting administration, etc.

For more information regarding the availability of lands and warehouses, please contact our commercial team.

First, an investor can purchase a land or rent a warehouse in a specific zone. Then, depending on the need, an investor can open:

  • An extension in the same zone where he already setup ;
  • A new plant in another industrial park managed by Tanger Med Zones .

Each project independently must be approved by the Commission.

Yes, it is possible. In this case, another commission must be held to evaluate the application.

– If the modifications are substantial: the file must be submitted to the local office to assess the risks regarding the structure, architecture, safety, environment, etc ;

– Otherwise (separation of offices, doors, etc.): no authorization is required.

These steps are coordinated with Tanger Med Zones sales team that supports your project.

  • Companies located within the free zone are exonerated from import and export duties ;
  • Prices of transportation depend on destinations, durations, incoterm, container type, etc. and costings depend on the shipping companies.

According to law 19-94 governing the free zones, an operator can serve the national market up to 15% of its turnover.

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