Tanger Med Zones is an industrial platform integrated within a highly performant, multi-dimentional group. Thanks to its developed infrastructure, geographic positioning, and automated operation flows, Tanger Med Zones offers a competitive advantage in distribution and logistics chain management, i.e. cost of freight, port treatment, transit, etc.

tanger med platform

Tanger Med Industrial Platform

tanger med platform

Tanger Med Industrial Platform is an integrated complex made up of an infrastructural offer meeting international standard, and a large land reserve.

Its model is based on integrated management of the various industrial parks by a single operator, Tanger Med Zones. It operates as a one-stop-shop (e-ONE) to support investors throughout their setup procedures including setup authorization, construction permit, exploitation permit, and business licnce, thus allowing the seemless setup of their operations, in timely and cost efficient manner.

The e-ONE portal ensures coordination between the various intermediaries within the framework of administrative, customs, and logistical formalities, thus facilitating the investor’s journey and accelerating the installation process within theTanger Med Industrial Platform.

Tanger Med port complex

tanger med platform

Tanger Med Group is a port operator specialized in containers, TIR trucks, new vehicles, hydrocarbons, passengers, and general cargo.

The Group operates in the Tanger Med Port Complex, developed over a 1000 HA area through “Tanger Med Port 1”, “Passenger and Ro-Ro Port”, and “Tanger Med Port 2”. The new “Nador West Med” port under construction offers additional port capacity for the Group, near the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tanger Med Group also provides port logistics and handling services in 10 ports and 23 terminals in Morocco through the Group’s major stake in “Marsa Maroc”.

Tanger Med Group is also developing logistics platforms for multinationals and 3PLs for fast and efficient distribution within the territory and internationally.

tanger med platform