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Tetouan Park: A catalyzer for national industrial capacities

Tetouan Park is developed on a 156 Ha plot of land, with a total investment of 38 M Euros. This zone is dedicated mainly to MSMEs, as well as all types of companies working in light manufacturing, trade, services and logistics sectors, targeting the Moroccan market as their primary consumer.

To date, 126 projects are ongoing inside the zone, with private investments totalling 90 M Euros, and 4 000 jobs created so far.

The 4th phase of extensions is currently operational, thanks to the partnership with FONZID, MCA and Millennium Challenge Corporation. Spread over 39 Ha, it contains several plots for large-scale industrial projects. In addition, it boasts rental buildings dedicated to accommodating 40 new projects owned by young entrepreneurs, females, and people with physiqual disabilities who are looking to expand their businesses.

They trust Tetouan Park

  • Tangier 48 Km - 52 min
  • Rabat 264 Km - 3h05min
  • Casablanca 350 Km - 4 h

  • Tanger Med Port 63 Km - 56 min
  • Casablanca Port 351 Km - 4h09min

  • Tanger Airport 55 Km - 55 min
  • Casablanca Airport 378 Km - 4h17min