Logistics in Morocco

Morocco’s logistics and supply chain management sector has experienced noteworthy growth, positioning itself as a strategic player in the region. With a focus on enhancing infrastructure and connectivity, Morocco has developed efficient transport networks, including modern ports and well-maintained road and rail systems.

In addition, Morocco has implemented advanced technologies and digital solutions to optimize supply chain operations. The government’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment and ongoing investments in the logistics sector have attracted international companies, contributing to Morocco’s emergence as a competitive player in the global logistics and supply chain management landscape.

trolley img +20 Billion USD

Size of Moroccan Freight & Logistics Market

trolley img 4 %

Contribution to national GDP

trolley img 6 %

Compound Annual Growth Rate for 5 years

Green Logistics Initiative in Morocco

Following COP 22 organized in Morocco, the Kingdom set a new initiative for a logistics green plan to meet CO2 emissions requirements.

The initiative stands for a global and consistent approach that includes all fields of Green Logistics development (supply chain management practices, infrastructures, facilities, R&D, equipment and materials, training….).

Tanger Med Logistics Platform

First automotive production platform in the world according to the Financial Times, Tanger Med has developed a competitive logistics offer dedicated to the automotive industry, over an area that spreads over 600 Ha.

Several ASSs (Advanced Supplier Stores) have been developed in the Tanger Med Industrial Platform to support the logistics of automotive components. Capitalizing on Tanger Med’s advanced infrastructure and proximity to target markets, these actors serve OEMs and manufacturers based in Morocco and Europe through for sourcing automotive parts of great added value.

Global players such as Gefco, Nippon Express, CEVA, DHL, TE Connectivity are present in Tanger Med to support equipment suppliers as well as car manufacturers.

truck image


Located within the port via a single customs area, Medhub is dedicated to value-added logistics activities, allowing rapid and efficient distribution to a growing market of more than 1 billion consumers.

With a definitive surface area of 300 Ha, Tanger Med Logistics Zone offers a full range of warehouses and offices for rent, from where logistics actors can lead their operations, such as labeling, packaging and inventory management.

300 Ha Developped Area
Distribution to a market of more than 1 billion consumers

3PLs World leaders chose Tanger Med

For more information

on handling, storage, and transport services


As a global logistics hub, Tanger Med operates its own Port Community System (PCS) which meets international standards and requirements.

Tanger Med Port Community System allows to:

  • Connect all stakeholders in the port and logistics chain ;
  • Facilitate, manage and automate administrative procedures efficiently ;
  • Optimize logistics chains through an intelligent and instantaneous exchange of information with stakeholders.
port commnuity pic

Interconnected systems

+40 500
Electronic messages exchanged on average per day

+3 000
Import transactions processed on average per day

+4 000
Export transactions processed on average per day

Gate Access

Gate Access is a management solution for the flow of goods in the port and industrial parks, accessible from the Tanger Med Gate Access platform.

Thanks to Gate Access, operators can share documents and information, regarding their import and export operations, with:

check circle

The industrial platform

check circle

Administrative bodies
(customs, ministries, etc.)

check circle

The port authority

On one hand, operators can :

  • Send requests for incoming or outgoing goods slips ;
  • Make requests for the transfer of goods between the different zones of the industrial platform, requests for intervention, or even external repairs.
  • On the other hand, the port authority and the industrial platform management can consult, edit and validate the documents sent by operators in real-time.