Fnideq Economic Activity Zone

In February 2022, the new Fnideq Economic Activity Zone (ZAEF), designed exclusively for distribution and trade activities, welcomed the 53 wholesalers selected to start up their activities. The zone is to be developed in two phases, and will contain over 80 warehouses for logistics and commercial activities.

Requiring a budget of over 20 M Euros, and taking part of the economic and social development program for the province of Tétouan and the M’diq-Fnideq prefecture, ZAEF is the fruit of a partnership between Tanger Med, the Agency for the Promotion and Development of the North (APDN), the Regional Council of Tanger Tétouan Al Hoceima and the Prefecture of M’Diq Fnideq, the Wilaya, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Interior.

In full, the project covers an area of 95 hectares, and will create 1 000 new direct jobs. The first phase, currently in operation, covers an area of 10 ha, accommodating 76 warehouses and common facilities, in addition to 53 retailers.

  • Tangier 71,0 km - 1h13 min
  • Rabat 312 km - 3h18 min
  • Casablanca 400 km - 4h11min

  • Tanger Med Port 24,1 KM – 28 min
  • Casablanca Port 400 km – 4h19min

  • Tanger Airport 85,5 Km – 1h16min
  • Casablanca Airport 426 km - 4h26 min