Morocco, a leading offshoring destination

The Moroccan offshoring sector has played a key role in putting Morocco on the global map. Offshoring is one of the six most important pillars of growth in the Moroccan economy.

Government initiatives

Major fiscal incentives have been provided by the Morocco Government to encourage investments in the Offshoring sector; low income tax rate, facilitated Visa procedures, and financial aid for new employments up to 6000€.

 government picture
 government picture

Global IT & CC companies in Morocco

Morocco is home to a large number of global IT and call center companies such as NTT DATA, HP, AMAZON, DELL, ATOS, WEBHELP, ACCENTURE, AXA… and many others.

Offshoring at Tanger Med Zones

22 Ha
Land Size


Jobs created

A 22 Ha zone dedicated to outsourcing, offshoring, retail, and services

Developed over a total area of 22 Ha, Tetouan Shore is a service area dedicated to companies specializing in software development, back-office banking, and insurance, customer relationship management,etc.

Its proximity to Europe, and the industrial and logistical platforms of Tanger Med, as well as the quality of infrastructure, ensure the competitiveness of the platform, making it today a preferred destination to the largest domestic and international corporates such as NTT DATA, FD Solutions, Group AVALON, Myopla, AKKA…and many others.

offshoring medzone picture
offshoring medzone picture 2

Financial Incentives

A competitive labor cost ( “income” tax capped at 20 % or 10%) :

  • IR effective rate of 10% ;
  • IS at 0% for the first 5 years and +8% thereafter ;
  • Telecom costs up to 30% cheaper than market prices ;
  • Training aid of up to ~€5700 for any Moroccan recruit ;
  • Competitive monthly rents ;
  • An investment premium of 30% of the investment .

They trust Tetouan Shore

tetouan pic 1
tetouan pic 1
tetouan pic 1
tetouan pic 1

NTT DATA Testimony

A Rental offer of ready to use offices

rental pic
  • Electric lift machinery S / cabin 8 people (640KG) OTIS brand ;
  • 110KVA generator set on the terrace with 1000L diesel tank ;
  • A detection system (smoke detector, broken glasses, siren, alarm reporting center) and fire protection (RIA, fire extinguishers, skydomes) ;
  • Normal and security lighting ;
  • VRV type air conditioning system with dedicated outdoor units for each office area ;
  • Electrical distribution cabinet specific to each platform ;
  • Electricity and water metering for each office tray ;
  • Redundant FO network which provides the link between the telecom operator interconnection room and the buildings ;
  • Building while respecting energy efficiency (reinforced concrete walls, motion detector, lighting of office floors to be regulated with exterior lighting) ;
  • Building respecting accessibility for people with reduced mobility based on French regulations (C45 disabled regulations).