20 September 2023 TMZ international presence

Tanger Med Zones took part in the DHL Innovation Center Event – Innovation That Moves Morocco Edition, from Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd in Tangier.

This participation was a big opportunity to meet Industry Experts and Supply Chain Leaders to exchange perspectives on the challenges and endless opportunities which face different industries within the Moroccan business environment.

The focus for this edition for Tanger Med Zones was on how to actively propel forward the development of Global Value Chains, particularly through offering a state-of-the-art infrastructure as well as an ideal platform to foster regional industrial development.

This was heavily underlined throughout the event. In his intervention, Mr. Ahmed Bennis, Managing Director of Tanger Med Zones, stated that “The deployment of the Moroccan Industrial Plan has accelerated investment in the sector, both in terms of national automotive manufacturing – 1st in Africa, with prospects of reaching the target of one million installed vehicle production capacity in the short term, in addition to a large tier 1 to n-suppliers ecosystem supporting vertical industrial integration, and the dissemination of cutting-edge technology.
The automotive sector is strengthening its position in Tanger Med, grown into a substantial cluster, which by 2022 generated a business volume of 6 billion euros.”

He added, “The Automotive cluster in particular benefits from Tanger Med’s unique geographical location and direct proximity to large European OEM Suppliers, in addition to direct access to a very competitive logistic scheme. (…) To foster the growth and competitiveness of our automotive sector, logistics remain a major trigger not to be overlooked.

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