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As a logistics and industrial platform integrated into a high-performant port complex, Tanger Med Industrial Platform offers advanced competitiveness in Supply Chain Management e.g: cost of freight, port treatment, transit operations, in addition to quality infrastructure, and a logistics integration model.

Tanger Med is an integrated project comprising a performant port infrastructure of international standards and a large land reserve for industrial activity.

The Industrial Platform follows an integrated management model under Tanger Med Zones (TMZ). As the manager, developper, and operator of industrial zones, TMZ offers a one-stop-shop to support investors with before, during, and after installation. Thus, businesses can optimize deadlines and secure their operations promptly.

Dynamic Business Community and a well-connected ecosystem:

Tanger Med Zones maintain strong business relations with both governmental organizations and private institutions. Thanks to the efforts of the Moroccan Government, and under the vision of his Majesty the King Mohammed VI, several agencies join efforts alongside TMZ to facilitate the installation process and to offer updated information on the local investment environment to potential investors.

Furthermore, Tanger Free Zone and Tanger Automotive city respectively, work with local associations that represent and assert investors’ rights within each zone. Tanger Med Zones ensures smooth and constant communication with all stakeholders on a daily basis.

These associations comprise full and honorary members, natural or legal persons who own and rent premises within the zones and have started their activity or, at least, the construction of their warehouses.

It holds several missions:

  • Share investors’ opinions, with Tanger Med Zones, on matters of common interest ;

  • Examine with Tanger Med Zones how to improve facility management within the zone ;

  • Defend investors’ interests ;

  • Improve economic and social working conditions of the work force ;

  • Represent its members to local and public authorities, communities, administrations, and third parties ;

  • Take legal action both by asking and defending ;

  • Acquire for a fee, rent, own, and administer:
    – Any subsidies, donations, and contributions from its members ;
    – Premises and equipment for the administration of the association and the meeting of its members.

  • Organize directly or through third parties, all training actions as workshops, seminars, conferences, etc ;

  • Join all federative-type organizations having the same or a similar purpose, both nationally and internationally .


Common infrastructures are under the responsibility of Tanger Med Zones, from Water and Electricity Network to Sanitation Network, Roads, Green Spaces, and Fiber Optic Network.

Lands offer

The land offer in Tanger Med Zones focuses on a plug-and-play model, thanks to existing connections to the water, electricity, sanitation, and telecommunications networks.

Warehouses offer

All installations in the warehouses meet high-standard world regulations and vary according to the customer’s requirements:

  • Height ;
  • Number of logistic docks ;
  • Number of sectional doors ;
  • Following gears :
high stand high stand Electrical equipment
high stand high stand Plumbing equipment
high stand high stand Compressed air
high stand high stand Chilled water
high stand high stand Air conditioning
high stand high stand Ventilation
high stand high stand Overhead cranes
high stand high stand Fire safety equipment
high stand high stand Sprinkles