16 January 2024 New installation

KOSTAL Group, worldwide leader in mechatronic automotive components manufacturing, inaugurated today its newest plant within the Tanger Med Industrial Platform. This 25 M EUROS facility is situated at Tanger Automotive City and spans 12 500 m² with scope for future expansion. Upholding the highest standards, the plant has secured certifications including ISO IATF and ISO 14001, alongside accolades from all major OEMs.

Since its establishment in 2016 within the dynamic Tanger Free Zone, KOSTAL Maroc has evolved into a formidable entity, ensuring a turnover of more than 75 million EUR and a dedicated team of over 700 employees by the end of 2023.

KOSTAL Maroc produces technically advanced automotive components, which are prominent features in every customer´s cars. Its products combine mechanical state-of-the-art features with complex electronics and refined surface finishes, making it a unique product in the region.

KOSTAL Maroc benefits immensely from its proximity to major automotive centers and robust transportation networks within the industrial platform. As a fully integrated project driven by a royal vision, Tanger Med supports economic development while driving sustainable industrialization across the region.

It boasts the first logistics hub in Africa and the Mediterranean, linked directly to a competitive industrial platform of 1200 companies, representing more than 13 b USD in yearly export turnover. The international gateway also offers direct access to 180 ports and 70 countries, serving the automotive, aeronautics, logistics, textile, and general trade sectors.

Through this new installation, KOSTAL is reinforcing its footprint as a competitive player in the automotive supply chain alongside global OEMs and In-suppliers.  KOSTAL will be joining several German companies that have chosen to join Tanger Med’s automotive ecosystem: Stalchmidt (SCS) bringing 11 M EUROS of investments, PRETTL 7 M EUROS, and BCS Automotive Interface Solutions, with an investment of 30 M EUROS.

The inauguration ceremony was a promising celebration gathering representatives from Tanger Med, public administrators and officials, s well as senior executives from Kostal Group, illustrating the efficient collaboration and budding partnerships between key stakeholders and industrial operators of the region.

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