Why choose TMZ ?

Since 2011 “Tangier Med Zones – TMZ” together with its institutional partners constitutes the TMSA operational vehicle in the development of the Tanger Med Industrial Platform. This project aims to gradually and in the long term establish areas of activity of an industrial, logistics and services character in the port hinterland and more largely in the Straits region around intrinsic competitive advantages:

This industrial platform attached to the Tanger Med port platform also enjoys important assets:

  • Strategic positioning at the intersection of major maritime streams and close to target markets: Europe, West Africa and North America
  • A leading port platform integrated into global flows and offering great flow flexibility: containerised, roll-on
  • An integrated package constituting a regional competitiveness platform meeting the expectations of global actors Integrated management of the various activity areas by a single operator
  • Significant regional potential for operational optimisation between complementary tier equipment suppliers on the one hand and on the other hand for equipment suppliers and manufacturers for improved synergies and competitiveness gains

Similarly, the investment incentive framework provides specific conditions for investment such as VAT exemption, a specific tax framework, financial aid for investment, consistent training programmes…