9 November 2023 New installation

As part of the extension projects for TAC 2, standard buildings dedicated to industrial use will be constructed, in response to the overwhelming demand of clients and prospects alike.

The project will span over 21.100 m2(2.11 ha), and represents over 93.7 million DHs in investments.

Built as 12 models of 1600 m2 on average, the first phase of construction is set to begin on August 2023, to be finished by September 2023. The second phase, meanwhile, will be between October and November of the same year.

Dedicated primarily to operators of the Automotive sector, this expansion offers ready-to-rent buildings for the short and long terms (average 3-9 years). In complementary, Tanger Med Zones, the agent responsible for the daily operation and management of Tanger Automotive City offers special services to facilitate the integration of new clients into its ecosystem, mainly the One-Stop-Shop platform, which handles all administrative procedures related to installation within its zones.

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