6 February 2024 New installation

RAVAGO, the leading service provider in the global plastics, chemicals, and rubber market, inaugurated today in partnership with Respol its new plant in Tanger Automotive City. The inauguration was held in the presence of H.E. Mr. Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade of Morocco, representatives of Moroccan public administrations, and Tanger Med Management.

The new facility of 24 000 m2 will produce polypropylene (PP) compounds, one of the most used technical materials in the automotive sector, as well as polyamide, PBT, and alloy compounds. This will enable the company to meet the demand of local customers, including OEMs like the Renault Group and Stellantis Group, who have been supporting the project since the beginning.

Repsol’s and Ravago’s investment of 20 million EUROS in the plant is a strategic move to support the international expansion of both companies through high-value products for the automotive industry. It will enable the development of a total production capacity of 18 500 tonnes, destined primarily for export to European markets.

Our association with Ravago in the region enables us to achieve greater integration with the local automotive sector value chain and its converters ecosystem in Morocco. In addition, we continue investing in our automotive materials and increasing our production capacity to offer a better service to manufacture the parts needed for the models assembled in the Tangier, Kenitra, and Casablanca plants. We believe this partnership will enable us to further expand our presence in the region and provide our customers with high-quality materials for their automotive needs.” Announced Antonio Portela, Polyolefins Director at Repsol.

Ravago will benefit from its proximity to major automotive centers and robust transportation networks within the industrial platform. As a fully integrated project, the Tanger Med industrial port complex supports economic development while promoting sustainable industrialization throughout the region.

Tanger Med boasts the first logistics hub in Africa and the Mediterranean, linked directly to a competitive industrial platform of 1200 companies, representing more than 14 b USD in yearly export turnover. The international gateway also offers direct access to 180 ports and 70 countries, serving the automotive, aeronautics, logistics, textile, and other sectors.

The implementation of the Ravago-Repsol project within the Tanger Med industrial platform is a testament to our commitment to automotive industrial integration. This initiative reflects our determination to actively contribute to improving the competitiveness of our industrial ecosystem.” indicated Mr. Ahmed Bennis, Managing Director of Tanger Med Zones (TMZ).

By setting up this new installation, Ravago will join a robust roster of international operators and in-suppliers as a competitive player in the automotive supply chain.

This is a key step in Ravago’s growth strategy in plastic compounds as we continue to support our customers with solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand. We look forward to working together with Repsol and grow our business.” Expressed Manuel Gayo, Business Director for Ravago Manufacturing Europe.

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