19 September 2023 TMZ international presence

In light of the 10th edition of the FIASGAL taking place in Tangier, Tanger Med Zones welcomed a delegation of senior representatives of African companies and institutions, for a visit to Tanger Free Zone and Tanger Automotive City.

The visit allowed the participants to assimilate the role of Tanger Med Industrial Platform in the region and enabled them to achieve a better understanding of its client network of international investors and their different interactions within this ecosystem as a way to develop the regional value chain.

A highlight of the day was the site visit of the world leader in logistics; Emirates Automotive Logistics, which further emphasized the efforts that the group puts forth in favor of improving its role among international operators as the key gateway between Africa and Europe. State-of-the-art infrastructure, seamless operations, and a highly performant team are some of the main elements which make of the Tanger Med Industrial platform a key destination for FDIs.

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